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It allows Glyphosate Acid (Technical) to be used on-farm as an end-use products thereby saving amination costs at the formulation plants. Transportation cost is also reduced as we will shipping Technical grade Glyphosate (minimum 95% active) from factory to farm. There will also be savings on plastic drums as PACIFIC ITN Glyphosate comes in powder form.

All farmers have to do is to mix PACIFIC ITN Glyphosate (ITN stands for In-tank neutralisation) with a companion alkali solution that incorporates the needed surfactant, allow the mixture to chemically react in a Grani Pot mounted at the side of the spray tank or in a mixing vat. Reaction is completed in a matter of minutes. The resultant chemically-reacted mixture is no different to the standard commercial Glyphosate amine formulations.

Extensive field trials in Australia showed that efficacy and results are very much the same as those from standard Glyphosate formulations in the market. View a video showing the simple mixing process here. Registrations of PACIFIC ITN Glyphosate and the companion PACIFIC ALKALI Solution in Australia is expected to be approved within 2016. We are seeking distributors and collaborators in key agricultural regions with large farms that will benefit from these patented products and technologies. 

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