Dec 12 2013 Food Crisis

Over-production! For the sake of our future, we need to reduce production and allow food to gain better value and allow it to be used for what it is intended - feeding people 

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May 20 2013 Sourcing Generic AgChem Products From China

C S Liew, Managing director of Pacific Agriscience contributed an article to Farm Chemicals International (FCI) sharing the  dynamics involved and what it takes to source well from China.

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Apr 18 2013 Why Sourcing From China Has Become So Frustrating

Market manipulation, opportunism, raw materials hoarding and pollution regulations muddle the value chain. Understanding the dynamics is essential. 

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Feb 15 2013 Global Perspective With An Eye On Efficiency, Quality

Farm Chemicals International (FCI) held a question and answer session with our managing director, Mr. C S  Liew on his global perspective of the agchem business.

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